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Rediscover your authentic self, harness your flow-state, and forge the path of your true destiny


MyndRavyn Statement

We live in a world where we no longer expect to have just one job, one relationship, one spirituality, one sexuality, or one source of happiness. We also live in a world where Linear life is dead and has been replaced by a new paradigm—the nonlinear life—in which each of us experiences our life as a complex swirl of celebrations, setbacks, triumphs, and rebirths across the full span of our years. How do we navigate this and become more flexible?

When we get hit by a major life disruption, we often freeze with indecision and fear. The life transition is how we get out unfrozen and move into a period of reinvention and renewal. These transitions may involve confronting our emotions and turning to rituals to put our past behind us; unveiling our new selves and updating our personal stories and mythologies; shedding certain habits, whether mindsets, routines, delusions, or dreams; creating new things, such as new attitudes, aptitudes, skills, talents. These transitional periods can give us superpowers or bog us down. Sometimes the best ideas come from the worst times in our lives. As long as we have to do all this rebalancing of sources of meaning that comes with it, why don’t we spend more time trying to master them? 


Life is in the transitions. We can’t ignore these central times of life; we can’t wish or will them away. We have to accept them, name them, mark them, share them, and eventually convert them into fuel for remaking our life stories.

— William James 


Reveal Your Infinite Potential

MyndRavyn is the den of your wise, higher self—a place where your wild authenticity, creativity, and radical flexibility is unleashed and strengthened to overcome normal human limitations and forge your own destiny and personal mythology.


It is a place where you will learn the skills to navigate life transitions with grace—a place where you will unlock the extra fire and fuel you need to get to that higher peak, and to acquire the counseling and coaching you need to renew, reinvent, rebalance, and reveal your infinite potential. 

MyndRavyn Mission & Vision

MyndRavyn’s mission is to utilize the most effective therapeutic modalities, combining more modern insights with ancient technologies and wisdom to help people overcome their suffering, or achieve their most optimal living state, and come to a place where life stressors and obstacles become fuel for growth and change. Using eco-therapy, creative urban therapy, experiential immersion retreats, psych-tech, plant medicines, shamanic rituals, and other effective therapeutic methods, the vision of MyndRavyn is to help initiate positive cultural change—to effectively and radically shift the outlook, perspective, and lifestyle of individuals—one by one, group by group, to eventually foster a planet of thriving communities.

MyndRavyn operates on the belief that getting in touch with nature, engaging in rituals, finding ways to unravel and re-wire our “faulty programming” in a modern culture perforated by toxicity and corrupt ideologies and practices, is the first step in alleviating stress and allowing humans to reestablish a healthy baseline, and re-build like-minded communities. Humans create scripts and myths and often resist change, although many issues can be resolved by interrupting the familiar patterns and using language and environment in new ways to foster new perspectives. 


Helping individuals re-write their story can help to create more healthy patterns of interaction and living. Most humans have also experienced some form of trauma, some much more severe than others, which alters the framework within which they operate, creating fear, anxiety, depression, and addiction issues. By utilizing the various unique methods that MyndRavyn offers, these frameworks, codes, and algorithms can be unraveled and re-wired to create much healthier perspectives, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and narratives.  

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