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Our Services


Mental health and success coaching 

Mental health and success coaching for “peak performance,” or those in any field who are looking to “breakthrough” to unlock higher potential and achieve greater success in their field, as well as those contemplating a different career path or building a new business by seeking to explore their hidden strengths, talents, abilities, and motivation. 



Counseling for those experiencing spiritual or existential crisis; trauma or PTSD; addiction issues; seeking personal and/or spiritual growth and development; to become more whole, authentic, mindful, and/or solid in who they are as a person; self-image and self-esteem issues; men’s issues; rites of passage.


Entheogen preparation & integration coaching 

Entheogen preparation and integration coaching for those seeking entheogen-assisted sessions for healing or experiential purposes, as well as those who have experienced psychedelics and wanting to integrate the experiences into their daily lives.


Deep-state brain wave entrainment & altered states 

Deep-state brain wave entrainment and altered states using shamanic, Ganzfeld procedures, and virtual reality (VR) to encourage relaxation, promote positivity, decrease anxiety, increase concentration and alertness, problem solving, and improved memory.


Behavioral health support & consulting 

Behavioral health support and consulting for nutritional and life-style changes for medical issues (e.g., obesity, immune disorders, etc.), smoking cessation, weaning off medications (with physician consult).


Eco-therapeutic services 

Eco-therapeutic services for coaching or counseling, which involves walks, hikes, or therapeutic mushroom foraging in designated forest areas within or just outside of Portland, OR. This also involves a unique style of urban therapy for which I am calling “Jodorowskian Urban Therapy” or “Urban Psychomagic Therapy” (UPT), which involves utilizing the “nerve center” of the city and its actual and symbolic landscape to help facilitate positive change.


Weekend retreats 

Weekend retreats that utilize ancient shamanic (South American) healing rituals meant to accelerate your personal and/or spiritual growth; gain creative breakthroughs; become more authentic and whole; unravel faulty programming and create new and healthier, sustainable patterns; dismantle addictive tendencies and transform them into creative passion; etc.


work-related stress relief

Half-day, full-day, and weekend staff retreats for work-related stress relief, team bonding and building, and work-related motivation.


Coaching components

Coaching components include Flow States, “bullet-proof mind” modalities, authenticity, psychitecture (reprogramming negative feedback loops), peak performance, sensatory honing (utilizing eco-therapeutic and ethno-pharmacologic tools), and behavioral health support (nutrition, movement, etc.).


Therapeutic interventions 

Therapeutic interventions include Impact Therapy, mindfulness techniques, dream journaling and interpretation, eco-therapeutic techniques, Somatic Therapy, cognitive-behavioral approaches, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psycho-Cybernetics, Existential Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychitecture and Narrative techniques.

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