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SUP Therapy (Spring & Summer)


SUPT (Standup Paddleboard Therapy) 

MyndRavyn is now offering SUPT (Standup Paddleboard Therapy) during the spring and summer months (typically April through September) and is weather-dependent and available only during warm (80F to 100F) days, as opposed to cold, rainy days, or days where the temperature soars above 100F. 


Find your balance, resolve, stress relief, and personal growth on nature’s calming waters. SUP has rapidly become a very popular sport for enthusiasts, as well as mindfulness-based therapy, yoga practitioners, and even addiction recovery. SUPT is a form of holistic experiential therapy for mind-body interventions, which is one of five domains in complementary and alternative healthcare and medical (CAM) practices.. Adjunct holistic modalities are used in conjunction with clinical evidence-based practices such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). When conventional face-to-face therapeutic interventions do not work, clients get to choose the form of holistic therapy that seems most appealing, and in recent years, SUPT has become a sought-after modality in therapeutic interventions and personal enrichment/growth modalities. 


Non-Traditional Setting

When a therapist works with clients in a non-traditional setting, like doing yoga exercises on a paddleboard, the therapist gets an opportunity to observe how clients respond to their surroundings. If paddle boarding is a new experience for clients, they literally get to test the waters while they are trying to learn something new and overcome their anxiety at the same time. SUPT, like other types of experiential therapy, builds confidence in individuals when they manage to achieve their goals and gain new skills.

Benefits Of SUPT

  • Confidence boost

  • Empowerment

  • Increased physical and mental strength

  • Relief from anxiety and stress

  • Increased self-esteem



The Willamette River near downtown Portland is where most sessions are held. An inflatable SUP, life jacket, and dry-wet bag for your valuable are provided. Be sure to bring your own water bottle and sunscreen. For more information or bookings, please contact my assistant Jessica at: or send her a message on her secure line of 503-420-5808 (text preferred for the most immediate response). 

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