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MFT—Mushroom Foraging Therapy (Fall & Spring)

MFT—Mushroom Foraging Therapy

MyndRavyn also offers MFT or Mushroom Foraging Therapy during the Fall months (typically mid to late-September, October, and November) and Spring months (April through May). Spending time in nature has long been revered for its healing effects—hence the efficacy of eco-therapy. When we need to feel grounded, taking time to be close to the earth can soothe the soul and offer many physical and mental health benefits. Additionally, with this shift towards nature’s healing, closer attention is being paid to the food that we eat and where it comes from. Many have taken this one step further by growing and foraging their own food, just as we all once did hundreds of years ago, creating an even deeper connection between consumers and the earth. 


Health-Conscious Consumers

One food group that has garnered a great deal of interest for health-conscious consumers who prioritize connecting with the earth is mushrooms. Mushrooms are recognized as having numerous health benefits. Additionally, the activity of mushroom foraging, heading into the forest to hunt for edible mushrooms, has become an increasingly popular activity. Not only is mushroom foraging spending time in nature, connecting to the earth and getting exercise, but  gaining nourishment from the fruits of your bounty. In addition to hunting for mushrooms that may offer immense health benefits, mushroom foragers are also in it for the flavor. Popular edible mushrooms worth the quest include chicken of the woods, chanterelles, hedgehogs, lion’s mane, porcini, morels and oyster mushrooms. 


Specific Therapeutic Protocol

MyndRavyn has developed a specific therapeutic protocol for mushroom foraging, which involves mindfulness training, NLP (neurolinguistic programming) tools, somatic therapy, and Emotional Mastery Training. Mushroom Foraging Therapy (MFT) can be very effective for generalized anxiety, social anxiety, trauma, depression, moving on from relationship breaks, repairing relationships, and much more.


MFT is a great eco-therapeutic activity and helps strengthen the connection to the land, using nature as a nourishing and healing resource.  

Group Sessions

MFT is offered mostly in groups, due to the typical distance traveled to find old growth forest areas, which are usually rich with many edible mushroom varieties. Group themes will be posted onto the site and will include (but not be limited to) such themes as: reclaiming personal power, increasing confidence, stress and anxiety reduction, freedom from depression, etc. There may be some individual sessions available that will be located within or just outside of Portland, OR. For more information or bookings, please contact my assistant Jessica at: or send her a message on her secure line of 503-420-5808 (text preferred for the most immediate response). 

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